Rising DJ Pinto Performs Twenty-Eight Consecutive Days Without an Ounce of Alcohol, Drugs, and Sleep in His System

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The Miami nightclub scene is electric throughout various neighborhoods. A wide variety of famous nightclubs and boutique bars fill the South Florida coastline with doors wide open for partygoers and nightlife enthusiasts alike. Pinto is a name that resonates among the many audiences of the Miami night scene, DJing in the hottest clubs in South Florida and capturing people in a trance with his masterful craft. 

Pinto prides himself on being a straight edge DJ who does not consume alcohol or drugs. “My body runs strictly on Red Bull and Scarlett’s Chicken Fingers,” said the renowned DJ. His remarkable work ethic sets him apart from all the other DJs out there, doing six to seven nights a week from midnight to 8 AM without an ounce of sleep in his system. This has made him stand out among all the other entertainers in the night scene, fueled by his passion for music and sheer dedication to his DJing talents.

Originally from New Jersey, Pinto now resides in South Florida and travels the whole East Coast DJing at some of the hottest venues in the United States. He has established his residency at some of South Florida’s hottest nightclubs and day clubs, performing at the biggest stages on Daer, Sway, and Scarlett’s Cabaret. 

Recently, the talented DJ performed a feat that has never been done in the music and entertainment industry by DJing 28 days in a row, sometimes even doing two shows a day. The purple-haired DJ lives a carefree life filled with partying, and his passion for music without any cares in the world.

“I’ve never been drunk for one of my shows. I’ve partied four days in a row in Miami with no sleep and no drugs, strictly Redbull and Space Nightclub’s grilled cheeses,” he said.

Pinto is well-known for his electrifying EDM and house music tracks that have received a lot of love from people in the United States. The dedicated DJ has always had an extreme passion for entertaining crowds through his music, and now that he has found relative success, he is grateful to just be doing what he loves every day. 

When asked what motivated him to build his brand, Pinto replied: “The love for music. Ever since I moved to South Florida, my love for music has grown exponentially and continues to do so to this very day. To see crowds going crazy to my music is one of the best feelings I have ever felt!” As much as he is fueled by the love of his fans, Pinto has also shared that the competition and the haters have also been a big part of his inspiration to prove them all wrong.

In the near future, Pinto envisions himself touring the United States and performing at the biggest festivals and nightclubs in the entire world. This includes Ultra and EDC, two music festivals that he has specifically dreamt of headlining. With the way things are going now, it’s clear to see that Pinto is propelling himself towards great success. With his passion, determination, and remarkable work ethic, it’s all but inevitable for the renowned DJ to achieve his wildest dreams.


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