Ryan Harden Champions Exercise and Nutrition Through Harden Performance

Fitness goals are easier to achieve when one works with a certified trainer and coach. A personal trainer and coach will guide individuals on the correct ways to improve their health and fitness and will also keep them accountable during their fitness journey. To help more individuals start on the road to fitness, Ryan Harden built a subscription-based online training and coaching program called Harden Performance. With Harden Performance, Ryan Harden changes lives and helps individuals build healthier lifestyles.

Ryan Harden has been a personal trainer for nearly a decade. He is a certified nutritionist who studied Dietetics from the University of Kentucky, and also worked in a hospital for the mentally ill.. As a personal trainer, Ryan has worked with people with various goals. “I’ve had older clients who want to be healthier in their 50s and 60s. I have also worked with several bodybuilders and trained them for various competitions. I also have clients with physical disabilities and mental health problems who want to make fitness a bigger part of their lives. Working with different types of clients with different goals has made me a better trainer because of how flexible I can be,” explained Ryan.

Harden Performance focuses on mindset training alongside physical training and proper diet. Hence, it not only develops the physical aspect but the mental aspect as well. “My clients identify a fitness goal, and I work with them on the behavioral approach they need to achieve them,” Ryan said. Harden Performance is a highly-personalized training program that is custom-made for each client, with consideration to their overall lifestyle, goals, and nutritional needs. 

“My clients don’t need to work out in a gym if they don’t want to. If they prefer to exercise at home, I can create a training program for them. If they lead busy lives, or they have to exercise around work or their children’s schedules, I also have them covered. There is no cookie-cutter plan at Harden Performance. Everything is tailor-made to suit my client’s needs,” Ryan shared.

At Harden Performance, Ryan conducts weekly check-ins with his clients. These regular calls allow Ryan to oversee his client’s performance, keeping them accountable and adjusting the program wherever necessary. He also keeps his communication lines open for them 24/7. “Starting on a fitness journey can be overwhelming sometimes. So I ensure I am always available whenever my clients have questions or concerns,” he said.

Beyond offering guided workout sessions, the licensed nutritionist also ingrains the importance of proper diet and nutrition in his clients. “Exercise without the proper diet is a recipe for disaster. As we train our bodies physically, we need the proper fuel to sustain us,” he explained. “I am a nutritionist. So each client gets a personalized meal plan from me. My meal plans will include recipes that taste good while supporting my client’s fitness journey.”

In the near future, Ryan is set to launch Harden Essentials, a line of health supplements that provides an additional health boost for fitness junkies. “A big factor affecting health is a person’s stress levels. So one of the first supplements I’m releasing under Harden Essentials is a stress-reducing supplement. We will be using ashwagandha KSM 66, which is a trademarked form of the herb. And it has the highest bioavailability of extracts. We’ve also included vitamin D2 and a lemon balm for a calming effect,” he explained. 

Ryan Harden is a fitness and nutrition expert passionate about his line of work. Healthy living has led him to discover his purpose in life, and he wants to empower others to build well-rounded and healthy lifestyles. With Harden Performance and Harden Essentials, he combines the effect of physical training and proper diet and nutrition to help his clients achieve their fitness goals. Aside from training clients, Ryan Harden is also a sports and fitness model under Wilhelmina New York.


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