Safety First With Skinovatio Medical Spa, Illinois’ Leading Beauty Authority

Although beauty enhancements are becoming normalized in today’s society, some people are still on the fence about getting them because of factors such as safety, affordability, and reliability. Taking heed of this concern, Skinovatio Medical Spa took on the challenge of bridging the gap in the industry by providing aesthetic procedures that are known to be safe, effective, and affordable. Today, the company stands as an esteemed premier and modern beauty destination. 

Founded in 2015, Skinovatio Medical Spa is highly regarded as Illinois’ first medical spa franchise. More than being a pioneer that promotes the safe administration of various beauty procedures, the company is also acclaimed for being 100% women-owned. The industry powerhouse is currently led by its visionary founders, Katarzyna Vigneau Sallam and Aleksandra Waibel. Together, the duo raises the bar by becoming one of the most trustworthy and reliable brands in the arena. 

According to Katarzyna Vigneau Sallam and Aleksandra Waibel, the idea of starting their own company came to them after hearing so many horror stories of botched Botox procedures. As soon as they found out that the majority of these patients were resorting to “in the basement” offers to save money, they made it their mission to provide these individuals with a safer and more effective option. 

“Skinovatio was created both for patients looking for a positive change in their lives and for driven entrepreneurs who want to share their vision in the cosmetic industry,” the founders explained. “We want to educate people and inform them that choosing the right facility for their procedures is very important. Cheap injections are not always good injections. You can still receive your procedure out of cost, but it is very important to make sure that it is done by a highly trained injector or laser technician since the majority of these treatments carry the risk of long life side effects.”

More than anything, Skinovatio Medical Spa seeks to provide nothing but the best and most innovative aesthetic procedures. Since most of their treatments are virtually painless, quick, and non or minimally invasive, they require little to no downtime after the session. Thus, they are highly convenient for clients, especially for those who are always on the go. 

Aside from its brilliant founders, Skinovatio Medical Spa also takes pride in having trained medical practitioners and aesthetic specialists that utilize revolutionary technologies and proprietary therapies to help clients enhance their natural beauty. Currently, the company has six locations all over the state, specifically in Arlington Heights, Barrington, Gold Coast, Lincoln Park, Western Springs, and Ravenswood Manor.

Skinovatio Medical Spa aims to expand its reach and open its doors nationwide. In the coming years, it envisions itself becoming the sole Medical Spa that is available in each state in the US.Thank you for reading this article about Skinovatio Medical Spa. Please click this link to leave an honest review about Skinovatio Medical Spa.


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