April 16, 2024
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Sarad Dhungel Aims For Everyone To Thrive Through His Productivity App

Sarad Dhungel
Photo Credited to: Dreamz Photography

Science tells us that if we do anything for more than 21 days, chances are that it becomes a habit. But the main common problem nowadays in this fast-paced and internet-driven world is to focus and start with the first step when trying to pursue life-changing habits. For Sarad Dhungel, the solution is simple. Because people can’t get off their devices, he uses technology to get people back on track and form habits needed to thrive.

Sarad Dhungel is the founder and creator of StretchYo, a revolutionary app designed to encourage people to stretch out of their comfort and create healthy lifestyles. It brings a myriad of features that help people build focus and productivity through a sleek and simple app.

The company founder and productivity expert envisions his app and company becoming the number one tool for personal development. Today, StretchYo helps people to change their habits by making change more fun and interactive. Additionally, the tool helps people collaborate with their friends and have fun while changing habits.

StretchYo brings a myriad of features that help people build focus and productivity through a sleek and simple app—something people need because the world has so many distractions. One of the most exciting new additions is a breathing timer with various types of exercises designed to help users relax, beat anxiety, and achieve a state of equanimity. Accordingly, Sarad looks to provide a technological solution that will cultivate productivity by encouraging them to focus on tasks. The tool uses the Pomodoro technique, one of today’s most influential and popular productivity frameworks. This application uses a timer of 25 minutes for deep work and puts five-minute breaks to help rejuvenate in between tasks. The app also includes relaxing white background music, which also helps with deep work. 

On the app, there’s also a to-do list for people to prioritize their specific tasks, encouraging users to set the top three goals for the day for high-impact tasks. With this feature, users can add three or more deliverables to an easy-to-use interface that reminds them throughout the day to complete those goals. 

All in all, the app’s features come together to encourage people to challenge themselves to achieve their goals. “We are providing features within the app to help people to get more productive and happier to pursue the hobbies and activities they want,” explains Sarad. Because of Sarad’s stellar mastery of design thinking, the innovator has received recognition from many leading organizations. Sarad received an award from the revolutionary Intel-Cornell Cup for their approach to problem-solving. The award is among the most esteemed honors in college level embedded design competition, bringing recognition to projects with concrete learning objectives and emphasis on innovation. “I joined the competition because I wanted to make the best use of my engineering and technical education to solve a problem facing society,” shares Sarad in an interview. He was the team leader for SLaTE8, a group that designed and built a prototype to translate American Sign Language into English text. 

Today, Sarad hopes to keep pushing the boundaries of technology and productivity with StretchYo. He hopes his project will become a significant factor in bringing people success at work or in whatever aspect of life they want to improve through successful habit-building. He and his team continue to strengthen StretchYo so it can add value to users.

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