April 16, 2024
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Serving the Underserved: The Investors Academy Offers Programs that Promote Self-Sufficiency

Many factors push establishments toward the pinnacles of greatness. Some are driven by the thought that success can bring about wealth or fame, while others are inspired by the idea that triumph can lead to positive change. In the case of The Investors Academy, its primary driving force is to help the underserved. By becoming a capable entity, it can better help those in need. For this reason, it is currently rising through the ranks to establish itself as a launching pad for those who continue to struggle.

The Investors Academy is truly an entity unlike any other. While many are built to generate wealth or gain fame, this philanthropic organization pushes its limits in order to assist underserved individuals and families, particularly those living in Metro Atlanta, Georgia. Thus, its primary goal is to stand as a catapulting device.

“The Investors Academy was established to drive change, spark action, and impact lives,” shared the organization’s program housing director Montra McKenzie.

The Investors Academy is likened to a resource hub that caters to the needs of homeless veterans, the hungry and the jobless, persons with disabilities, individuals with chronic ailments, and people with prior justice system involvement. It seeks to support these underserved individuals, helping them carve a path toward self-sufficiency. Through The Academy’s foolproof line of initiatives, these people will be back on track in no time.

The Investors Academy offers a wide variety of outreach programs dedicated to turning its purpose-driven vision into action. It provides housing support, transitional housing or permanent housing linkages, wrap-around services, a computer lab, and a public full-service food pantry. It also offers job readiness and placement programs, life skills training, and financial coaching.

Additionally, one program that McKenzie has consistently highlighted is the Youth Outreach Program, which offers the youth great career opportunities that help them carve a path toward self-sufficiency. It also trains them to become more responsible in managing their finances.

The Investors Academy has a Youth Apprenticeship Job Training Program designed to serve at-risk youth between the ages of 15 and 24. Through this program, The Investors Academy not only helps at-risk individuals rise above the poverty line but also assists them in dealing with various challenges, such as homelessness, unemployment, substance abuse, mental health, and others.

“The mission of the Youth Apprenticeship Job Training Program is to help underserved youth on their pathway to self-sufficiency through hands-on job training in the warehousing industry. Through this, we aim to provide the youth with skills that can be utilized in the real world,” shared McKenzie. 

As a result of its impeccable dedication to translating its vision into action, The Investors Academy has recently been awarded by the City of Atlanta. The team hopes this award will help them reach out to more underserved individuals in the city.

Through the years, The Investors Academy has shaped paths for several underserved individuals across the state. As it continues to expand its horizons, it hopes to propel more people and families toward stability and self-sufficiency in the years to come.

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