From Champion to Coach: The Importance of Stretching in Professional Sports and Beyond — Hanna Turchak

Stretching in Professional Sports and Beyond — Hanna Turchak
Photo Courtesy: Hanna Turchak

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My name is Hanna Turchak, and I am a multiple world and European champion in modern dance. Today, I am successfully working as a stretching and flexibility coach for professional athletes. In this article, I want to share my experience, methods, and views on the importance of stretching in sports, as well as talk about my future plans, including writing a book.

My Path in Choreography

I started practicing choreography at the age of 7, and since then it has become my boundless love and way of life. During my career, I have become a multiple world and European champion, which is the result of many years of hard training and performances on the international stage. Each of these titles was important to me, but the valuable ones were the experience and knowledge I gained along the way.

Transition to Coaching

At some point in my career, I realized that I wanted to share my knowledge and experience with others. I saw that many athletes from various sports needed to improve their flexibility and mobility, and I knew I could help them with that. My love for choreography and desire to help others led me to become a stretching coach.

The Importance of Stretching and My Methods

My experience in choreography has given me a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, and the importance of proper technique. Choreography requires high flexibility, control, and strength, which is directly related to stretching techniques. My knowledge and techniques from the world of dance allow me to work effectively with athletes, helping them achieve better results and prevent injuries.

In my work with professional athletes, I use a combination of static and dynamic stretching, paying attention to every detail. An individual approach to each athlete allows me to consider their specific needs and the peculiarities of their sport. It is also important to gradually increase the load to avoid injuries. I integrate elements of yoga and Pilates to create diverse and effective workouts.

Scientific studies confirm the high effectiveness of stretching in improving flexibility, preventing injuries, and enhancing physical performance. Stretching affects not only the muscles but also the connective tissues, including fascia and ligaments, which helps prevent inflammation and improve the overall condition of the tissues, reducing the risk of chronic pain and injuries.

Success Stories of My Students

Stretching in Professional Sports and Beyond — Hanna Turchak
Photo Courtesy: Hanna Turchak

One of my students is Ivan Mnyakin, a talented junior tennis player with whom I have been working for quite some time. During our collaboration, Ivan has significantly improved his mobility and technique, which has positively affected his results on the court. Thanks to regular stretching, Ivan has been able to prevent numerous injuries and increase his endurance, which is one of the factors in his success.

Besides Ivan, I work with many other athletes representing different sports. For example, I have students among professional tennis players with world-renowned surnames. One of these tennis players previously experienced problems with shoulder and hip mobility, but after several months of working with me, he noticed a significant improvement in his technique and results on the court. His new achievements inspired me to further develop my stretching methods.

My methods have also brought success in other sports. For instance, gymnasts working with me have noticed increased flexibility and improved execution of complex elements, while swimmers have improved their overall physical condition and times in their races.

Future Plans

Currently, I am working on writing a book about stretching, which will be useful not only for professional athletes but also for people of different ages and fitness levels. In the book, I plan to include exercises for all age groups, from children to adults. Stretching is important for everyone, regardless of age and fitness level. For children, it helps develop good posture and coordination; for adults, it maintains flexibility and prevents back and joint pain; for the elderly, it preserves mobility and improves the quality of life. My book will include exercises for all these groups so that everyone can find something useful for themselves. I am confident that flexibility and mobility are important for everyone, and my book will help more people improve their health and physical condition.

It is important to constantly adapt to changes and use new technologies in your work. Therefore, I plan to develop online programs and conduct webinars to share my knowledge with a wide audience. The world is changing, and we must change with it. My goal is to make stretching accessible to everyone, regardless of their location and capabilities.

Stretching in Professional Sports and Beyond — Hanna Turchak
Photo Courtesy: Hanna Turchak

Final Remarks

As a professional choreographer, I have developed unique stretching methods that I successfully apply in my work with professional athletes. Using my dance-choreographic and gymnastic experience, as well as my own knowledge of injuries, treatment, and recovery, I create exercises that help athletes and people of all fitness levels become better, healthier, and stronger. Every athlete requires an individual approach that takes into account their specific needs and the peculiarities of their sport.

When creating my program, I consider many factors to ensure it is beneficial for health and suitable for the specific sport of the athlete. Gradually increasing the load is also important to prevent injuries and safely improve flexibility and strength. My goal is to help everyone achieve their physical goals and improve their overall health.

Stretching in Professional Sports and Beyond — Hanna Turchak
Photo Courtesy: Hanna Turchak

I invite you to consider joining my followers on my Instagram page and keep up with my news. I am currently actively working on creating online programs and webinars so that you can train with me anytime and anywhere. All this information and more of my news will be available on my Instagram page.

My upcoming book will be a great addition to your training, providing access to videos with effective exercise routines and my advice. Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your health and sports performance. Start stretching today and feel the difference.

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