April 16, 2024
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Latina Entrepreneur, Susana Campanella is Breaking Through a New Body Care Category

Susana Campanella
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It’s been a while since the narrative of beauty was only focused on the external appearance, but for Susana Campanella, founder of Gluteboost, the conversation is far from over. Gluteboost is not only breaking through the body care category but also promoting a healthier lifestyle while being conscious about its customers’ mental health. Susana is a Latina entrepreneur who is using her brand to advocate for body positivity and encourage natural alternatives for women who want to mould their bodies.

Coming from a background where women get plastic surgery as young as 16 years old, Susana understands the importance of promoting healthy alternatives that enhance not only physical appearance but also support mental health. Gluteboost’s philosophy is that body and mind intersect, and true beauty is achieved when both are in harmony.

Susana shared that part of their mental health strategy is to have diversity in the images of models they use, as well as the language towards women empowerment through a healthy view of their own bodies. They strongly advocate for “a small change today can transform your tomorrow.” Gluteboost’s goal is to inspire women through their inclusion and diversity efforts, because “when a woman feels inspired—she does things differently.”

Susana Campanella
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Gluteboost’s story is one of resilience and pivoting. When they acquired the business, they were targeting a very specific niche market. However, as their vision for the company matured and expanded, they realized that they needed to pivot and start from scratch. Susana shared that pivoting brought a lot of uncertainty in many areas, but they knew they had to do it in order to grow.

They started by benchmarking, studying data, and surveying their customers to create the right communication for their brand. Once they nailed this new direction, they began making changes little by little. Overhauling the website and all other marketing channels would have caused major disruption with consumers and loyal customers. Ultimately, the pivot caused greater growth in their audience and industry. It allowed them to properly communicate all aspects of who Gluteboost is, rather than just a product.

Maintaining high team morale is also important to Susana. She shared that not one person can do everything on their own, and in their team, they believe in sharing and carrying the weight together. They tackle difficult tasks together and find more solutions, while having fun in the process.

They also have CoffeeBreaks, a time where they can disconnect from work and connect with each other. It’s a moment to regroup and find inspiration. It’s something they all truly enjoy and will continue to foster as the team grows.

Susana Campanella
Sourced photo

Susana’s journey is not just about building a successful business, but also about using her platform to advocate for body positivity and promote healthier alternatives for women. Her brand is breaking through the body care category by promoting the idea that true beauty is achieved when body and mind are in harmony.

Through their mental health strategy, they are inspiring women to make small changes today that can transform their tomorrow. Their resilience and pivoting in the business world is a testament to their commitment to growth, and their focus on team morale ensures that their success is not just limited to their bottom line, but also to the wellbeing of their employees.

Susana Campanella is a Latina entrepreneur who is breaking through the body care category with Gluteboost, but she is also breaking through societal norms by advocating for body positivity and mental health. She is an inspiration to women everywhere who are looking for healthier alternatives to mould their bodies and achieve true beauty.

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