April 16, 2024
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Tasos Chasekioglou Gives His Take on Miami’s Growth to One of the Largest Luxury Markets in the World

Tasos Chasekioglou is widely known amongst high class society both domestically and internationally as a renowned luxury culinary caterer & hospitality service provider. Chasekioglou has cemented his organization “Chef Tasos Dining” in the heart of Miami, known as a hub for luxury amongst the ultra wealthy, celebrities, athletes & more. With a footing on the pulse of Miami and the growth that the city has seen over the last few years, we sat down with Tasos to get more insight to why Miami is set to become the largest luxury market in the world in years to come. 

Macro Outlook for Miami

Miami has seen all time high growth in home values and corporate relocation — Much thanks to the Pandemic, Mix that in with one of the nations strongest domestic and international tourism destinations and you have yourself a future fruitful growing Miami market. GDP growth in Miami is shattering expectations, & recently economists have written that Miami is set to become the second largest luxury market in the world — second only to Dubai. With so much success, Chasekioglou is excited for what’s to come. For his firm, Tasos has been able to cement his unique service offering within the Miami marketplace with relative ease. With such demand for luxury catering & hospitality such as private events, Tasos has been able to increase revenue growth and reallocate into expansion to satisfy the growing demand in the Miami market. Chasekioglou went on to say “We look forward to seeing what’s to come, more & more of America’s largest private & public corporations are moving here — which has only excelled the need for luxury services both domestic and of course international as well.” 

Luxury Services Set to Make the Biggest Impact

Some of the largest impacts soon to enter the marketplace for luxury services Tasos mentioned is Yacht & Private Jet Catering. With more & more international travelers taking holiday in the 305, the need for yachts & private jets have also increased tremendously. The yacht rental market in Miami is one of the largest in the world, Chasekioglou went on to say “We are aggressively looking to grow our capabilities and align ourselves as the go to option for catering & hospitality services for yacht & private jet charters.” 

About Chef Tasos Dining

Chef Tasos Dining is an privately owned operation based out of Miami, Fl — don’t mistake the firm for being geographically prone. Tasos mentioned that depending on the time of the year, the company covers and offers services in other hot markets such as NYC, The Hamptons, & various coastal cities in the North East home to much of the world’s elite. In the future, Chasekioglou looks to continue to reallocate retained earnings into further expansion stating “Everything we do is for our customers, the company growth has been great but we wouldn’t have been able to do this if it weren’t for our amazing customers, staff, & team members. We want to grow our firm strategically into various markets while also expanding in the heart of Miami — which is a place I also call home.” To learn more about Tasos Chasekioglou & Chef Tasos Dining, click here

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