The Black Bon Jovi Leads The Cancer Killas Foundation in Its Cancer Awareness and Prevention Efforts

Influence can be wielded in various ways. While a considerable number of high-profile celebrities, for example, choose to capitalize on theirs to start trends, gain a more solid foothold in the industry, and cement their names in history, others prefer to bank on their reach to support purpose-driven initiatives. Inherently, there is nothing wrong with the former, but those who opt to make a difference in communities and impact lives positively almost always manage to drive change, causing ripples and urging many to action. The Black Bon Jovi, also known as The Cancer Killa, is an acclaimed personality who has utilized his platform to raise donations and spread awareness about cancer. Through his work, he has built a community of like-minded individuals clinging to the shared mission of helping patients and their families. 

Widely heralded as a must-watch force in the pop, rave, EDM, and rock and roll scene, The Black Bon Jovi is currently making a buzz in the music scene for his distinctive discography and artistry. As the voice behind an impressive list of top-notch songs, he has managed to secure a coveted spot in the cut-throat industry over the years, demonstrating his arsenal of skills with every release and working with high-profile figures, such as the accomplished rapper Trina. But apart from taking center stage as a multi-faceted musician, he is also at the forefront of cause-oriented endeavors that are both in tribute and in memory of his aunt, who lost the fight against cancer. 

Cancer, one of the leading causes of death worldwide, remains a global health issue affecting countless individuals and families. Highly cognizant of its debilitating consequences and the extent to which this affliction can change the course of one’s life, The Black Bon Jovi has poured his heart into cancer prevention and awareness campaigns. For years now, the recording artist has stood at the helm of The Cancer Killas Foundation, a charity established not only to gather donations intended for cancer research and educate the public but also to send across powerful messages of hope to those suffering from this disease. 

The passion-fueled go-getter recently hosted the third annual Cancer Survivor Celebrity Kickball Tour last June 5, 2021. The event featured a long list of individuals and institutions that believed in the advocacy that is at the core of The Cancer Killas Foundation, including S. Ling Wu from the American Cancer Society, the women’s kickboxing world champion Fredia Gibbs, the LAPD, and the prominent sports photographer Richard De La Cruz. 

Additionally, The Black Bon Jovi has partnered with several moguls in multiple industries, such as AT&T and the Boys & Girls Club, in the hopes of making more significant strides. Intimately privy to the importance of collaborations, he affiliated with the American Cancer Society and the Southern California Chinese Relay For Life, as well, in penetrating communities across the region and in South America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. These strategic moves allowed The Cancer Killas founder to widen his network and build linkages with people seeking to contribute to a future where cancer is no longer taking lives. 

Learn more about The Black Bon Jovi by visiting his website. More information about his foundation can also be found here and on its Instagram page.


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