The Leader of the Association Fanm Kore Fanm, Dr. Sabine Martelly, Presented Her Case at the United Nations for the International Women’s Day

Dr. Sabine Martelly
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As the 8th of March marked International Women’s Day, the Women’s Rights Activist Dr. Sabine Martelly was spotted at the United Nations for the special day. In honor of Women’s History Month, the ex-Secretary of States for Youth and Civic Actions of Haiti and the actual ambassador of the Cultural Office of the Vatican continues to push her agenda by representing Haiti at many of the United Nations Conferences. Leading a delegation to present her case against violence against women and girls all around the world. The leader of the Association Fanm Kore Fanm (Women Support Women) talked about respect for women, inclusion, and opportunity for women.

During her speech at the United Nations, Martelly highlighted the vital role of women in society. The women’s rights activist received outstanding applause from all the women representing their countries when she asked for women around the world to never settle for less. At the end of her speech, she added that Fanm Kore Fanm is the voice of the voiceless, an alternative for a better tomorrow.

Martelly’s work with Fanm Kore Fanm began in 2005, when she founded the non-profit organization in Cavaillon, Haiti. One of the programs which Sabine Martelly started was by creating a group of leaders of all ages, giving them the opportunity to open a micro credits program for women in rural areas because she believes that the economic factor is essential for the emancipation of women and reduced domestic violence. 

The second program was the literacy program for young people, especially those who have been recruited on the streets as prostitutes, ex-prostitutes, and sexually trafficked young women. Tackling the problem of rampant trafficking, the literacy program aimed to provide opportunities for learning and growth for the young women as support systems. Through routine classes and exposure to a healthy, risk-free environment, it is Martelly’s hope that those who were subjected to the worst of humanity could begin to heal.

She also started mobile clinics in the poorest areas, such as Cité Soleil and some remote provinces with the support of several major sports and cultural figures such as the NFL Mike Tomlin, Coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and American actress Rosario Dawson.

On December the 30th of 2022, Association Fanm Kore Fanm organized an honorary gala to say thank you to a group of women leaders. Among the honorees were the Deputy Governor of the Bahamas Mother Pratt, the Florida State Representative Haitian American Marie P. Woodson, Soeurette Michel, a human rights lawyer and activist who fights for immigrants in the Miami area and many other female activists around the world. The show was televised by a local network and can be seen online. The leader of Fanm Kore Fanm is an inspired politician who wants to bring change in Haiti, which is desperately needed due to the chaotic environment nowadays. 

Martelly remains hopeful that change is possible, and has stated that she will continue to pray for Haiti. With the help and support of fellow activists and allies, she is committed to making a difference for women everywhere.

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