April 21, 2024
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Unveiling INSPIRATION WOMEN’S CLUB MIAMI: An International Empowerment Hub for Women

Unveiling INSPIRATION WOMEN’S CLUB MIAMI: An International Empowerment Hub for Women
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The solemn opening of the international INSPIRATION WOMEN’S CLUB MIAMI will be held on September 13 at the Hotel “ST.REGIS BAL HARBOUR” in Miami. 

The international INSPIRATION WOMEN’S CLUB MIAMI will be made up of women from countries all over the world united by common values. 

Thanks to numerous events, members of the club will be able to visit different cities of America and the world, find support, and new friends, get an opportunity to meet new brands, women-experts and new concepts in diverse spheres and express themselves in the media space at the international level on their own. 

Nikolay Popov and Julia Gromova are ambassadors of the INSPIRATION WOMEN’S CLUB INTERNATIONAL.

Nikolay Popov is a media manager, producer, and ex-music director of the TV channel Muz-TV and the National Music Awards Muz-TV. Nikolay has been working at the Muz-TV channel for 10 years and organized a large number of events involving the most demanded and popular artists and foreign stars. Today Nikolay Popov, having extensive experience in organization, continues to work in America as an event director at the Tampa Museum of Art.

Unveiling INSPIRATION WOMEN’S CLUB MIAMI: An International Empowerment Hub for Women
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Julia Gromova is the owner and CEO of the international PR AGENCY @GET PR. For 15 years of work as a PR manager in show business, Julia has been recognized by the leading media and TV channels and has received “The Best PR Director” and “The Best PR Agency” awards. 

Nikolay, could you tell us, please, where the idea to create the INSPIRATION WOMEN’S CLUB MIAMI comes from?

We already have a successful experience in club work in different countries around the world, collaborations with luxurious establishments and new concepts. Miami is a dynamic and actively developing megapolis with great opportunities for growth and exchange of experience. 

How did you choose the name of the club? 

The name of the club speaks for itself: communication in the club inspires and gives a breath of fresh air and energy for new perspectives. 

What is the goal of the club INSPIRATION WOMEN’S CLUB MIAMI?

The main goal is unification since, at our fast pace, it is important to find like-minded people who you are sure of and with whom you can exchange ideas and find support. 

Julia, in your opinion, what significance do women’s associations have at the moment?

In the age of transformation, women are drawn to each other to get support from like-minded 

women, share ideas for self-realization, bring their creative potential to life and also help others. The mission of the women’s club is to be a space for women who will become guides for each other.     

What is your vision of the woman’s role?

Now is the time of change for women; many opportunities are being opened for them. Women have a choice of who to be: a housewife, a businesswoman, or just to go to the four winds to search for the inner self. If we talk about the women’s role, it seems to me that now a woman is more of a partner than a rival both in business and relationships. 

Unveiling INSPIRATION WOMEN’S CLUB MIAMI: An International Empowerment Hub for Women
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Your projects require constant communication with people; what is the basis of successful communication?

Communication is a skill that everyone can develop. Successful communication to me is, first of all, to listen and hear yourself and the interlocutor. For any successful communication, it is important to be focused on results; this leads to the formation of questions, style of speech and mutual understanding. In the process of communication, women look at each other and, seeing inspiring examples of other members, receive a strong motivation and incentive to further development.       

How to become a resident of the club? 

It is enough to contact our representatives in America, fill out an application and get approval for joining the club. 

Your program includes events that are very different in themes and locations. How do you see the development of the club? Could you tell us more about interaction with charitable organizations and galleries?   

Miami and America provide large opportunities for carrying out activities in different directions: golf, yachting, guided tours of wineries, visits to galleries and exhibitions by modern artists, and culinary master classes. Once a year, we plan to hold a charity gala dinner, the proceeds of which will go to charity. 

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