April 21, 2024
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Sara Rojas Reveals Her Journey to Introduce Latin American Music and Movies to New Audiences

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Image Commercially Licensed

For many children growing up, the prospect of pursuing a professional career is vast and seemingly endless, with their dreams constantly changing. However, there are a few individuals who manage to fulfill their goals. Sara Rojas is among the exceptional group of women whose passion and childhood dream have allowed her to pursue a professional career in media and become a role model for the next generation.

Sara Rojas is a Hispanic woman who is the Business Development Director for Latin Entertainment Group, the leading independent media programmer in the United States specializing in Spanish language network distribution. It is the only female-led, independent Spanish language programmer leading the US business expansion.

From a young age, Sara was always passionate about her Colombian culture. She frequently traveled to visit her extended family in South America where, during the holidays, she would dance salsa with her cousins and watch Colombian movies. Often eager to learn more about her culture, Sara would find disappointment when she returned to her hometown in Brookline, Massachusetts, where she couldn’t access Colombian programs. However, the disappointment brought something Sara could work towards. After high school, Sara Rojas studied Communications and Marketing at American University. Upon obtaining her degree, she would delve into the media industry in 2008. 

In 2019, Sara approached investors in Miami with the dream and determination to bring premium Hollywood movies to Colombia but dubbed entirely in Spanish without the annoying telemarketing commercials. Her effort would be rewarded with the birth of Cine Premium and Cine Familiar. Shortly after, Canal Infanitil and MIMUSICA were created, offering a variety of Spanish language content to pay television operators spanning over 22 Latin American countries and the Caribbean.

“Our most unique attribute is that we are part of the only one in five women-led US companies with revenues of over $1 million,” revealed Sara. “We are a small company of less than 50 competing against huge media conglomerates in the cable television and digital streaming space. In Latin America, we offer three movie channels, one children’s programming channel, and a suite of Spanish music video channels segmented to the vast array of Latin music, including reggaeton, tropical, and cumbia music.”

Sara’s Spanish movie network showcases indie films from Latin America and the Caribbean, telling unique stories of underrepresented communities, including indigenous, Afro-Hispanic, and LGBTQ+. She was motivated to approach investors with the opportunity to build a unique brand by Hispanics for the Hispanic population, reflecting on their musical diversity and showcasing films from across their countries of origin.

Recently, Sara Rojas revisited a childhood dream of bringing Spanish language movies and music to American audiences. She is leading the effort to introduce Latin Entertainment Group’s MIMUSICA and Cine Hispano channels to Latinx audiences in the new digital streaming arena. She will be competing against huge conglomerate media giants in a David vs. Goliath scenario. 

While she has already made significant progress in her mission, Sara Rojas is optimistic that she can elevate her platform even further as she foresees herself becoming the vice president of business development, continuing her efforts to monetize their content in the United States and abroad to create value for their investors and reach as many Spanish language music and movie enthusiasts as possible.

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